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Beirut the wild child of the Middle East
May 22, 2017|HospitalityLifestyleRestaurants

Beirut the wild child of the Middle East

Beirut the wild child of the Middle East

Crazy parties, magical rooftop clubs and summer seaside events, define the Beirut I know…Beirut the wild child of the Middle East!!

A heady mix of chaos and contradictions, the Lebanese capital’s charms can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor but, once seduced, you’ll be left craving the city’s warm-hearted hospitality, riveting history, and hedonism.

Even when someone doesn’t know much about Lebanon, chances are they’ve heard about the way this city loves to party.

And since Summer is definitely the height of the action, whether you prefer dancing by the sea, in a rooftop with an incredible view or underground venues, Today I am proudly inviting you to the wildest night tour in my Beirut, the city, for those who know it well good, or not, the city that seriously doesn’t sleep.


Lock up your seatbelts gents, our trip is about just to start and our first destination:

Iris “the magical Roof top” and plan to be like half hour prior to the sunset time, I bet you will be lucky enough to capture the best sunset ever. There is something magical about this place, maybe the breathtaking view, and the smooth sensual music, or its wonderful “garden party” setting with those light bulbs, trees, and shrubs that make you feel fresh, comfy, and homey yet in a sophisticated ambiance. Don’t Miss out Iris, the best place to enjoy a sunset drink, to relax and unwind from a stressful heavy day.

Already jumped into the good relaxed mood, our next place to be is Seven Sisters… there are some places you dress up for, and believe me, Seven Sisters is one of those.

Characterized by its great drinks and delicious food, it’s indeed a perfect place for chilling mood, live bands and awesome selectively choice of music… A green island at the heart of Beirut, Seven Sisters is definitely something new, and so will each of your visits there feel like: a new experience!

Done from chilling, it’s time to “party”, and since our night was perfectly started with the best places so far, and because we the “Lebanese” don’t do parities half wayJ, our night will not be completed without passing by ‘Music Hall waterfront” experience.

Let’s admit it, first class artists, first class musicians, first class lighting and first class sound… they’re the leaders in this area! Music Hall is a legendary name in Beirut clubbing circles but the waterfront took the experience to a whole new level of clubbing, clubbing with class and uniqueness. Although it’s always full, but the functional design of the place is very smart allowing full view of the show while giving the impression that each group is on its own, and enjoy the several continuous shows, with the distinguish performance, nothing can beat Music Hall unforgettable experience…

The time has passed midnight, and the magic of this wild night, didn’t break yet :p, and since the excitement still on the highest level, why don’t we move to a new dance floor perhaps to one of the most ambitious and conceptually unique venues worldwide. BO18Beirut‘s most famous club, known to most everyone as a former bomb shelter from the war, which is an evidence that we the Lebanese people can adapt and change and above this all we know, despite all the bad factors, we do know how to enjoy life to the extreme.

Although that’s an interesting backstory, that doesn’t make it any less cool. With the roof opening up in summer, you can dance under the city to the coolest electronic beats until the sun forces you home.

Well it’s already 5 am, and those dancing moves and laughs burned out all the day’s calories, which forces you to one stop before getting home, and Zaatar w Zeit, seems irresistible, with that famous chicken, I am sure it can get you on the right way, at least so you can reach home safely, and since you are already there, why don’t you grab a nice surprise breakfast for your mother, by that way she will not be angry when you’re home at 7 am, and you will be lucky enough so she  allows you to sleep peacefully for the rest of the day :p

This the kind of wild nights that I usually invite my foreigner’s friends to impress them, after all travelling and partying still the best remedy for the stressful journeys we are passing through during our daily lifetime. But visas cost well $$$…so luckily I am in Lebanon, the best country to party with affordable prices and unforgettable moments…we are here to live, it’s true that we live once, but if we live it right…ONCE will be more than ENOUGH.

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