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Beirut’s Top 5 Restaurants
April 7, 2017|HospitalityLifestyleRestaurants

Beirut’s Top 5 Restaurants

Beirut’s Top 5 Restaurants

People Who Love to Eat are Always

The Best People

– Julia Child

I have always believed that good Food dish is like a sorceress spreading Happiness.
Nothing is prettier than a good company and an excellent choice of food, well let’s admit it, most of the dilemma is arguing with your girlfriend where to eat, or thinking where to invite that special girl for an impressive first date dinner.

So if you are looking for a cool cocktail lounge, brunch, a hot spot, or, really, just about anything in Lebanon’s booming dining scene, we at Stylelfot.m, we’ve got it right here, right now. We guarantee it you’ll never have to ask “Where should I eat?” again.

But before diving in the fabulous restaurants list, keep in mind:

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art

5. Brass Beirut

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport”

When it comes to food, nothing is more sacred than the taste and the elegant presentation…our number one restaurant to recommend, is just one of  the few places in Lebanon that in some way or another  leave a mark and trace … and “Brass” is one of them.  A cozy restaurant in Achrafieh, with international cuisine, but I sincerely intend to enjoy a tasteful French cuisine..ohh…the poutine and the Melted Brie & Mushroom Fricasse are definitely a must try.

4. Liza

“Key to surviving a Lebanese Lunch…Keep plate full to avoid host’s infinite refills”

Liza, the renowned name behind the Lebanese restaurant in Paris also has an address in Beirut up on the first floor of the Metropolitan Club in Ashrafieh.
When I first planned to visit Liza, I was not sure what the food concept I will be expecting…and when I walked into I am amazed by the magnificent artistic design. The food is purely Lebanese, and reflects the generosity of the Lebanese spirit.

3. Mayrig Restaurant

“A small trip to Armenia, Served on a Platter”

Tucked away at the far end of Beirut’s Gemayzeh quarter, Mayrig is an Armenian restaurant that adapts the popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences, in order to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavors.

2. SAPA - Beirut

“Speak Spanish, Kiss French, Dress Italian, Party Caribbean, and Eat Peruvian”

This place is simply amazing and with so much fun! Either for a date, a group of friends or a party, the vibes are wonderful, whether outdoors with fairy lights or in the vibrant indoor area with the bar. Known for its wide Peruvian dishes choices, and each with a characteristic different taste and flavor… Visit it with a bunch of friends, so you may share and taste all the choices.

1. Al Forno

“L’amore domina senza regole” (Love rules without rules)

There is nothing romantic more than Italian Food. Al Forno, one of the most enjoyable and favorite places in Zeitouna bay, that serves Italian fine dining food with tasteful flavors. and when go Italian, put calories aside, and dive in the diversity of Pasta and Pizzas, my favorite one is the one and only tantalizing pizza with a twist, talk about the tongue-twister!!! And of course don’t forget the traditional tuscan cenci which is as prefect closure.


The Food Before us,

The Friends Beside us,

The Love Between us,

and your Presence among us

Here’s the list we recommend, don’t wait for an occasion, enjoy a meal of perfect food, with a lovely company.

Remember food  is passion, emotion, an personal, when choosing a restaurant, either for a date, or friends meeting over, or even a business meeting…. always bear in mind to seek  for the professionalism, great ambiance and sure the delicious tasteful food..


Fares Azar

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