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What to Shoes?
May 13, 2017|CasualEleganceFashion TipsFormalLifestyle

What to Shoes?

What to Shoes?

Shoes speaks louder than words

Whether it’s a job interview or a first date, if you’re hoping for a great approach from a prospective employer or potential love interest, you’re probably not going to get it when they glance down to see a rather sad-looking pair of battered old winkle pickers.

A perfect outfit is nothing without the right pair of shoes. What you choose to slip on your feet can make or break an entire ensemble — no matter how well-coordinated, how well-planned or how well-structured your outfit is.

But these days the tide is changing. Men across the world are becoming more and more obsessed with shoes in all the myriad of options now available to us, that I might even be so bold as to say we’re more obsessed than women are. Or, at least, I am.

If you ask me what is your favorite part of any outfit I will answer shoes. I am obsessed with shoes and I have more shoes than any other clothing item,

But let’s face it gentlemen, no one needs 20 pairs of shoes… that’s why I decided to compile and share a top 5 list of the types of shoes that every man should have in his wardrobe… don’t tell anyone but I guess my shoe rack is becoming really fussy!!!

And for the non-obsessed with shoes this article will be a good initiation, and for the already converted a nice check list. What I will say is that when it comes to footwear there are a few things to bear in mind.

-1-The White Trainer

Yes guys, you can still wear trainers. You just need to start investing in man trainers. They are slim and simple. No excess detailing and easy to keep clean. Try to think of your new trainers as you would your clothes; tailored. This way they can be paired easily with anything you’ve got; jeans, chinos, suit trousers, you name it.

Adidas, as per usual, has the game on lock. Its Superstars and Stan Smiths are pretty hard-wearing.

Nike, too, has plenty of leather options, including the Air Max 90s. Oh, and Converse is offering leather Chuck Taylor All-Stars, too: perfect if you’re someone who still goes to college and carries their backpack over only one shoulder.

-2-The Boat Shoes:

Originally designed for wear on the deck of a yacht, as the name quite clearly suggests, the boat shoe has transcended its original use to become a modern menswear staple.

It’s easy to see why, they can be dressed up or down with ease and will bring a summer-ready, nautical feel to any warm-weather ensemble. You can wear them with shorts, chinos or casual jeans. You can’t go wrong with tan or brown, but feel free to get creative with colors and styles.

-3-The Double Monks Shoes

Traditionally, monk-straps sat somewhere between dressy and casual on the formality scale – not smart enough for suiting, but too dressy for a casual get-up.

The most classic monk-strap has two straps, but in recent seasons more styles have featured a chunkier one-strap or even triple straps. They’re a great winter option if you’re looking for a slip-on look, but it’s too cold for loafers.For a smart look; opt for the classic double-strap in polished leather. They work really well with contemporary tailoring. Keep fits slim and your trouser break minimal to flash the buckles.

-4-The Brogues

They’ve made a pretty big comeback over the last couple of years and I think they’re probably here to stay. Make sure you get a pair that has a substantial sole to them so they can still be worn when the weather gets rough. What’s so unique about the brogue is its versatility. The traditional punch whole design on this silhouette’s upper, gives it a distinctive character that other smart shoe styles lack.

To capitalize on the brogue’s ease of wear, we’d recommend opting for a traditional brown leather style complete with leather or rubber soles. All shades and colors look good too, so take the time to decide. They will look great with your suit to work and are a real easy way to smarten up your jeans.

-5- The Black Derby

If there was a pair of shoes that I would recommend you to go the extra penny with, it would be this. The Derby, like the Oxford, is ubiquitous. Unlike the Oxford, it has an open lacing system, which makes it a touch less formal.

I know I’m normally the guy who says to always buy colors because they have more style but these bad boys will see you through anything. No matter the occasion, they will never be out of place; be it a wedding or fancy dinner or even an important meeting. If you invest in them they‘ll be the most versatile shoes you own and will last you forever.

So guys these are my five great styles of shoes that I guess everyone should own. They’ll help you not look like you have just trudged over the bridge or burrowed through the tunnel. Now go to your closet and throw your square-toed, rubber-soled lace-ups in the garbage, and hope no one ever finds out you owned them.

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