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Styleloft Shirts. Your Style, Your Fit.
September 20, 2019|CasualEleganceLifestyle

Styleloft Shirts. Your Style, Your Fit.

Styleloft Shirts. Your Style, Your Fit.

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor. – Albert Enstein


As most us know, when it comes to dressing with style, rule number one is making sure that your clothes fit you. It may sound like an obvious concept, but it’s one that still gets passed over again and again.

And we at Styleloft.m, we always focus and highlight, on one and only rule, which can truly make or break a look –“Gents, Style is about Personality”-. It’s an outward expression that, Style, ideally, should reflect your personality; who you are, where you came from, what you aspire to be…
And the most important thing about any garment, without a doubt, is how well it fits your body.
A man looks much better in a cheaply-made garment that is properly tailored, than an expensive garment that doesn’t fit correctly. These days, it seems that every new emerging brand has a whole new block, cut and take on the size and shape of small, medium and large. An extra-slim cut shirt in “Styleloft” is not the same as a slim cut in other wear shop or Gant. The chance of you picking up something off the rack that fits exactly how you like it to is going to be pretty small.
This is where a tailor comes in. With a good tailor on speed dial you’ll have all kinds of sartorial sorcery at your fingertips – from giving normal pieces a new lease of life to making customized and personalized outfits.

So, when you are planning into breathing new life into the old pieces you currently have stored in your wardrobe and upgrading your style to the next level, there’s not much a tailor can’t do in order to make you look – and feel – better.

A tux is a tux, and a suit is a suit. If your event’s dress code is strict, these rules are pretty unshakable. However, if the invite doesn’t explicitly state black tie, why not play with what’s layered underneath “The Shirt”.
Luckily at “Styleloft” getting your clothes tailored professionally happens to be relatively cost effective, especially when compared to the price of designer clothing.
Styleloft’s Shirt meets high quality standards combined with the most stylish designs.

The shirt is an integral cog in the well-oiled machine that is the fashion conscious man’s wardrobe, therefore a correct shirt selection can add character and individuality to any style outfit.
And according to menswear commandment number one, when it comes to making decisions of the sartorial persuasion, Professionalism and knowledge is king therefore at “Styleloft” numerous variables choices in terms of colors, shapes…and a huge concentration on the smallest details from cuffs to collars.

The Collar

The collar is one of the formal shirt’s more prominent features is an aspect not to be overlooked. As well as indicating the formality of the shirt, the collar’s almost eye-level position is difficult to miss and can therefore easily make or break an otherwise carefully curated ensemble.
Although there are several other types of collar such as the club, tab and contrast collar, but the point collar is the most prevalent collar style. It is the most associated design with the traditional men’s dress shirt.

Its balanced and neutral appearance exudes confident sophistication, while it remains versatile enough to blend comfortably with both formal and casual attire.

The point collar’s adaptable style means that it is suitable for office rookies and works well with or without a tie (depending on the occasion) and aligns with all manner of suit lapels.

The Cuffs

Often overlooked, the shirt cuffs (along with collar) are one of the few features visible when coupled with a suit jacket. An effective choice demonstrates a keen eye for detail and completes a polished and perfectly proportioned appearance.
The most common example is the button or barrel cuff which is the traditional and most popular cuff type and the basic single button style is commonly seen in high street menswear stores.

Moreover “Styleloft’s” shirt are not just tailored respectively to your body shapes, but they are specified by their customized mark, the initial letters of your name are embroidered on the cuffs to add more personalized trace on your outfit.

For me, the key to pulling-off a power jacket like this is a great shirt with a higher collar. I haven’t found any better shirts than the power collar distinguish shirt by “Styleloft”.

At the end, there can be a vast difference in skill level, and attention to detail, from one tailor to another. And referring to my personal experience, “Styleloft” are one of the master garment-makers with decades of experience.

With the quick-fix, and fast fashion items we’ve become accustomed to. A tailored Shirt does take a bit of time and effort; but it’s always worth remembering that good things come to those who wait.

If you want something special or find it difficult to get the perfect fit off the rack, the services showcased by “Styleloft” are professional, not pricey, personalized and provides all the ways to finally get what you want.

Well as it’s well known:


Quality is Rememberd long after price is forgotten. – Aldo Gucci

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