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The Fragrance Ethics
May 5, 2017|EleganceFashion Tips

The Fragrance Ethics

The Fragrance Ethics

The best investment in every man’s life are custom tailored suit and an expensive cologne. It’s just like buying the best first impression


It was said once “ a perfume is something which is invisible, but yet unforgettable”,  and yes indeed gentlemen, Fragrance is an invisible part of your personal style, and has a significant effect on how people perceive you, and let’s admit it guys, we all seek a high level of self-confidence, attractiveness and alertness, and what’s easier to get those achievements on point, than a simple step such applying perfumes…and when I talk about perfumes, I mean the fragrance that express your presence and show your charisma.

The pleasure of scent is, like food, in its consumption. You experience a fragrance as it evaporates, as its essential oils heat up, leave your skin and excite your olfactory system. Cue memories of a fleeting teenage romance…but those rushes come at a cost to your pocket. When fragrance burns off fast, and you need to re-apply regularly… For those who don’t make a habit of splashing out on fragrances especially expensive ones, with savvy application you can slow its evaporation, to ensure your signature scent lasts longer.

Our article’s subject today is addressed to a big part of young men that always wonder how to maintain a long lasting fragrance for the whole day. And, ladies, you as well you may have a look, we share the same body locations after all 

Where to apply?

Most of us have heard at one time or another that the best place to apply a fragrance is on so-called ‘pulse points’, such wrists, throat, behind your ears…, this refers to the areas where blood passes closest to your skin, warming it up. However, stay away from those traditional points for 2 main reasons; firstly heat drives off a perfume faster, the more heat, the quicker the perfume will disappear. Secondly these areas are those most exposed to the air and therefore the fragrance dissipates more quickly.

A much better technique is to activate your scent through movement. Apply a few spritz to the chest area (between your skin and clothes) to allow it to waft upwards and out of the neck of your shirt, as well as to the biceps and crook of the arm.

Moreover to ensure your morning spray is still there after lunch, look to less hematic spots, like your forearms or the back of your neck, which release the scent more slowly.

Applying directly to clothes also helps fragrance linger, fabric holds onto the scent. Spritz straight onto tees and shirts and scent gets trapped between your layers, wafting out throughout the day. Even so a well know French fragrance manufactory, recommend of applying perfume on a piece of scarf.

Skin condition

Beyond this, ensuring the skin is well moisturized can add precious hours to the life of a scent.

Oily skinned chaps should stay their toner hand. The drier your skin, the less it will hold onto a fragrance, but don’t be tempted to spray on straight out of the shower; the hot water elevates your skin temperature, which means your fragrance burns off faster. Instead look for a scentless moisturizer’s cream to avoid an olfactory clash.

Where to store your perfume?

Moreover where you stow your perfume collection has a huge effect on the longevity of your fragrance. Keep them away from light and heat, and avoid temperature fluctuations. Extend the lifespan of your perfume by storing it in cool, dark and dry environments. Storage found on bathroom shelf or into the car, will allow rapid heat changes, heat, moisture and light will gang up on its chemicals, breaking down the constituent ingredients. Which means it stops smelling like it should and won’t last as long. Ensure the bottle cap is secured, to prevent the fragrance from evaporating.

So the best place to store the perfume is somewhere in your bedroom, and if you got something really precious and expensive keep it in the fridge. But avoid confusing them with high-end vodka, back from a late wild party .

So there you go fellas, depending on the scent you choose, wearing a fragrance can make you more attractive and more approachable.

Once you find some fragrances that you feel comfortable wearing and build an appreciation for perfumes that complement your natural odor, you’ll move on to the next level of purchasing fragrances – choosing them simply because you like how they smell.

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