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Trendy & Classical
July 12, 2017|CasualEleganceFormal

Trendy & Classical

Trendy & Classical

In a world full of Trends… Remain a Classic

To be stylish, is the ability to express your individuality through what you wear. And if you’re the kind of guy who has to wear a suit all the time, ties, tie bars, and pocket squares are three things every guy needs in multiples as part of his suiting arsenal.

And if you are wondering what’s the one item that’ll boost your outfit in less than five minutes, nothing is more recalling than that small piece that belongs into the pocket: the “Handkerchief”

The simple handkerchief is at least a few centuries older than the modern suit. In fact, it dates as far back as Shakespearean times, since then, the pocket square has become a sartorial staple for the modern man, proudly presented in the breast pockets of Hollywood stars and Presidents alike. Cotton, linen or silk, plain, patterned or printed, one of these square pieces of cloth has the potential to pull an average tailored look into the A-grade.

With summer in mind, here’s some tips that’ll spruce up your suit the next time you find yourself tying a Windsor, by just following the handkerchief rules perfection that starts with:

Styling your pocket square

Pocket squares can look a little bit fussy if they are over-styled, therefore before beginning to assemble a wardrobe of killer hankies, it’s imperative to observe the art of the fold.

From the classic square fold, to the three points fold, still my favorite the one corner up fold and the casual fold.

The one corner up fold

Not much more taxing than a normal square fold, but definitely more eye-catching. The one-point fold is versatile enough to be worn for work or play; just base your choice of fabric on the skew of your look.

  • How to fold it?

  1. Start with the square fully unfolded and facing you in such a way that it looks like a diamond rather than a square.
  2. Fold the diamond up over itself, then fold the doubled-over corners of the base of the triangle inward as far as is necessary for the folded square to be around the same width as your jacket pocket – it should look like an envelope.
  3. Place the folded bottom edges into your pocket and fix snugly in place so that the only thing visible is a triangle at the top of your pocket.

The Casual fold

This is probably the simplest of all the folds; but it’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Boasting plenty of body, the casual, or ‘puff’ fold, is the prime option for playing with pattern as it displays the most fabric surface area.

Silk – rather than cotton – is the ideal choice for achieving the level of volume you require with this one, and feel free to go big with your pattern choice too, whether it’s paisley, a sizeable check or polka dot that takes your fancy.

  • How to fold it?

  1. Start with the square unfolded, but rather than lying flat, pinch it with two fingers at the center so it’s slightly raised with the edges left hanging down.
  2. Still pinching the center, use your other hand to gently tug on the loose edges, working to pull the square into a loose tubular shape.
  3. Then, grab the raised square about halfway up its length with your other hand, tightening to create a puff at the top.
  4. Fold the pocket square in half in such a way that the loose edges are concealed from view, positioned behind the puff.
  5. Place fold first into your pocket so that the puff is visible.

Finally, remember the pocket square is an accessory that add more elegance to your style, don’t stress up about squaring edges, make sure all edges are clean and visible, fiddle with till it looks perfectly imperfect 

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