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What to Wear for a Job Interview?
March 3, 2017|EleganceFormal

What to Wear for a Job Interview?

What to Wear for a Job Interview?

You can have everything you want, if you dress for it.

Oh Yes!! You’ve got a killer resume and decided to make a change and go for that job you’ve always wanted. Everything is set for you to start your plan for world domination except for one final thing that stands in your way… The interview.

Knowing well that First few seconds make up the biggest part of an overall impression, but while that is true, the mistake that is often made by guys is to try too hard to impress and take things a little bit too far. Unfortunately, a first impression is something you can’t take back.

That thing is your attire. It does matter .The important thing is to understand the basics of the interview that is taking place, and knowing exactly the demands of the job applying for.

You must have been doing a good job writing cover letters, preparing your resumes, learning interview questions by heart and practicing answers to them; but since appearance does matter in such scenario, have a look on Styleloft.m article, sure there are still a few details you can use to show your creative flair.

Regardless of what kind of job you are applying for, always wear something formal, especially for business first interview.

And when we say formal we mean suit gentlemen, you may stick to the colors grey and navy, not just because these two work best in a job interview as the statistic shows, but because they are very versatile, neutral and classic but I wouldn’t recommend the black one, and then of course you may add more a shot of color into your outfit. Both of these suits work very well with a light pink, blue, or grey shirt.

But if you are from that type who hates wearing ties, make up for it by adding an extra layer to your suit. For example, why not pull on a v-neck jumper under your suit jacket? And if that seems a bit too much or the weather is a bit too warm out, why not go all out three-piece? A waistcoat is a great way of still looking really put together without having to wear a tie.

Just make sure it is a waistcoat that is matching with the rest of your jacket. Furthermore, leave the jacket at home! Turning up to an interview in a full three-piece suit is the definition of way too much. Of course be reminded about the shoes and easy go on the perfume.

Yet the most crucial aspect of your look when it comes to an interview or annual review, whether you’re in a corporate or creative industry, is that you exude confidence through both your style and performance. Get this right and the rest comes easily.


Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

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